What time you wake up

What time you wake up


What time you wake up in the morning will decide your day, it will be like this

1        5 am

2        6 am

3        7 am

4        8 am

5        9 am

6        10 am

7        11 am

8        12 pm

9       1 pm

What time



If you wake up ans. from 1  to 3  .It is fine. But if your answer is 4 to 5. Over the weekend, or if you are sick or any kind of vacation it  is fine, but in regular days it is depends on your schedule .
If ans is from 5  to  6 .
You have to improve bed time if you think you have to improve so improve your bed time.
If ans is from 7,8,9  you have to really really improve bed time 🙂

These things might help you 🙂

 muscle relaxation yoga

  Deep breathing exercises

Write down your thoughts before sleep.

Think you  are a proud and important  person as you go through your day.

Think nice and good positive things always.

  Please read some books or look for these sites, 🙂