Travel Anxiety How To Cure part 1

Travel Anxiety How To Cure part 1

Whenever i think about traveling my heart beats to up high and stop thinking about good things going to happens when we travel , just always thinking about negative thinking.

Those negative thinking make me so uncomfortable they stops my good and positive thinking and gave me so much depression.

So i go to see the doctor about my situation and got to websites what are the conditions in the other country which make me smart and other hand more depress.

So i decided what i am going to do when i have long trip to go to international.

I am claustrophobic and not a little but really really so much claustrophobic.

Thinking about going to abroad making me crazy so much ,i wasn’t thinking about anything else other than me sitting in plane for 17 hours and 5 and 2 hour. Total was around 24 hours and staying inside airport 2 days.

I thought what should i do my doctors knows i am so much claustrophobic ,so she gave me anxiety medicine ,but i knew it’s not going to make me feel better ,because i had MRI last year , and for going in MRI they gave me medicine didn’t work for me and i ran away from my MRI (please don’t do like this) .

Anyway i will tell how i cured my anxiety without medicine and ,now i like traveling.

In first 5 hour trip i just play Golf online ,that plane has games, I spend my time browsing channels, than play Golf ,drink ginger ale ate peanuts,cookies read ingredients.

Watch movie for 2 hours, take a nap we woke at 2 am .

I was so tired ,took a nap for 1 hour.

We landed at our destination after 5 hours.

We came out of the plane and waited for 4 hours for next flight.

Do yoga for 10 minutes.